Beginning of the year is a good opportunity to reinforce your brand’s presence

Reflux season and lead decrease, the low season can be frustrating for retailers: after a hectic end of the year and full of good results, you are immediately thrown into a black hole of calm for business. But do not be discouraged: if on the one hand seasonality is inevitable, on the other hand, it is an excellent opportunity to reinforce the promotion of your brand. This holiday, make lemon lemonade with the tips of Marketing Off-Season 

1) Evaluate your marketing strategy

Where do we get it right, where do we go wrong? How can we improve? Take advantage of the quiet time to identify vulnerabilities and route corrections to be made. More than that, this season is ideal for implementing essential changes based on the analysis of the results of the previous year. Idleness? Not so much. Creative? Ever!

2) Use seasonality to your advantage

You don’t need to sell school supplies to do well in January sales. Beach, vacations, rest, restart: many themes can have a fit with your product. Run specific campaigns for this time of year. Adapt to the circumstances.

3) Time to improve your database

Consumer data is one of the most critical assets of any brand. That is why it is essential to work to expand it, obtaining more and more information about your customers, be they B2B or B2C. Data quality is fundamental: adding information fields to your website, making online surveys and hiring qualitative research are some of the options to optimize it.

4) Don’t leave the radar

Sales may have declined, but their presence in the eyes of consumers must remain steadfast and strong. Reinforce disclosure to strategic audiences through newsletters and digital investment and think of ways to use the low season to create new audience segments for your brand. It can be an excellent time to explore targets different from those usually worked by your marketing.

5) Promotions!

Promoting inventory burns and offering discounts are a great way to stand out at this time of year. At the same time that they move your business, these actions convey the message that your company is not stop – but in constant renewal. Abuse social networks and offline media to publicize offers.