Find out Marketing Trends attitudes will make a difference in your brand communication

Marketing in its various forms is constantly changing, and that is where the beauty of it is: we are not today what we were yesterday, but, somehow, we are already the future that awaits us.

The ability to adapt is a prerequisite for success in a world of technological innovation that demands more and more dynamism and flexibility from all of us. If this is a requirement for the market, for The Aspires, it is a commitment.

This spirit of continuous change is in the air, but it is also palpable – and detect by the Global Marketing Trends 2020 survey, carried out by consultancy Deloitte.

The survey listed the top seven industry trends for this year, based on interviews with more than 80 marketing experts from around the planet. Do you know the voice of experience? It’s her.

Anticipate yourself: see what should influence the best Marketing decisions in 2020 for B2B and B2C companies- and how to take advantage of them to generate leads.

1) Purpose

Conveying an adequate image for a product to be salable is little. A brand that wants to differentiate itself from others must share a purpose with people, in a constant dialogue where the two parts reflect each other’s dreams and desires.

Data support this premise: 83% of consumers prefer to buy from companies aligned with their life values, according to the Global Consumer Pulse survey, carried out by Accenture Strategy last year.

More and more people are looking for something to inspire in their values ​​and principles. So the purpose is the key to having customers who identify with your brand and are loyal to it.

2) Human connection

As you read this text on a cell phone or a computer, you probably don’t even realize how digital the world is today. The ubiquity of technology makes our daily lives easier and leaves behind an immense amount of data about each of us – what we are, how we think, what we want and where we are going.

There is a downside to all this, of course: with this universe of algorithms, it is straightforward to forget the importance of an authentic human experience. Ambition, belonging, curiosity, and sharing are some of the values ​​that make up this experience, which can be worked on with greater integration among all the company’s stakeholders, strengthening an empathic and genuine relationship between them.

3) Fusion

The increase in trade flows around the world had provided an unprecedented integration in world history, with the consequence of the breaking of borders and the approximation of economic ecosystems that, if before they seemed distant, today walk together in an almost symbiotic way. Faced with this scenario, brands cannot afford to see themselves in isolation.

If your company sells ice cream, it must go further and see itself as a food company. In other words, it must create merger strategies, thinking of its performance to make the best possible use of the business opportunities that will undoubtedly arise shortly.

4) Trust

Establishing a relationship of trust with your client is a long-term job that goes far from immediate solutions. Investments in Content Marketing, Branding and Digital Marketing are vital in this construction, but they will be of no use if your brand does not act according to what it preaches. There is a lot of room for improvement here.

According to the Brands WeTrust 2019 survey, conducted by the Edelman agency, only 36% of Brazilians trust most of the brands they consume. Be consistent.

5) Participation

At the same time that consumption has never been so massive, no consumer sees himself as part of that great mass. And they are right: each customer is a human being with their aspirations and needs, an individual who can – and should! – be recognized as such. Use the data available to personalize communication with your customer base and engage them.

The secret here is to think in a dialectical way, as a two-way street: create exchange processes where your client effectively participates in your brand’s purposes and values. Listen and learn from them.

6) Agility

Speed ​​is crucial, but contrary to what you can imagine, it’s not just the speed of communication for your target that counts, be it digital or offline. Agile processes within the organization and synergy with the agency are the key for your brand’s communication work to reach its full potential – the more elegant, the more impact it will have on its customers.

7) Talent

The talent is a trend that remains true and will continue for a long time: the quality of the work performed by an agency is an essential asset of its communication.

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